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Current average is 200-300+ planes PER DAY and expected to increase

What you don’t know, or may not pay attention to, is still harming

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The FAA and NexGen

  • FACT: The lives of many mid-peninsula communities changed overnight on Mar. 4, 2015
  • FACT: The FAA activated redrawn air traffic patterns in the Bay Area without notification or consideration of population density, pollution or noise.
  • FACT: The FAA lowered altitudes and increased the number of flights condensed into new, narrow flight corridors. Over 2/3 of Los Altos is now under this flight corridor.
  • FACT: Congress exempted the FAA from requiring an Environmental Impact Report on these changes.
  • FACT: The FAA’s claims of Net Noise Reduction is false as proven by the San Francisco Noise Abatement Office for which complaints have increased over 8,000 percent.
  • FACT: Every area in the US where NextGen has been rolled out has been outraged and began bombarding their elected officials with complaints. 11/12/2015 Wall Street Journal
  • FACT: The recent Inspector General Report of January 2016 states “FAA Reforms Falling Short of Cost, Efficiency & Modernization Expected Goals.”


Your Health

  • FACT: “Results clearly show that aircraft noise, even at relatively low noise levels, causes damage to the blood vessels.” 10/4/2013
  • FACT: “Blood pressure rises regardless of whether you wake up from the noise or not.” Researchers were especially alarmed by the fact that they were unable to discern any adaptation effects even after the noise exposure procedure was repeated several times. 10/4/2013
  • FACT: “Being exposed to aircraft noise can adversely affect your cardiovascular health, even beyond exposure to air pollution and traffic noise.” 10/8/13
  • FACT: Research showed that “day-time average sound pressure level of 60 decibel increasing coronary heart disease by 61% in men and 80% in women and night-time average sound pressure level of 55 decibel increased the risk of stroke by 66% in men and 139% in women.” 12/14/2009 Der Spiegel
  • FACT: “Long term exposure to aircraft noise is positively associated with hospitalization for cardiovascular disease.” 9/5/2013 British Medical Journal
  • FACT: “Ultrafine [exhaust] particles. . .less than one-thousandth the width of a human hair. . .can go deep into the lungs, make their way into the bloodstream and spread to the brain, heart and other critical organs. . .This is a very. . .alarming set of results,” said Mr. Delfino, Epidemiology, UC Irvine. 5/29/14 Los Angeles Times.


Your Children’s Education

  • FACT: Aircraft noise exposure at school was significantly associated with poorer recognition memory and conceptual recall memory… Aircraft noise exposure was also associated with poorer reading comprehension and information recall memory. . .” 8/15/2012 Am. J. Epidemiology
  • FACT: “Findings were consistent across three countries. . . offering robust evidence of a direct exposure-effect relation between aircraft noise and reading comprehension. Association took into account “Socioeconomic variables, aircraft noise annoyance, and other cognitive abilities.” 1/1/2006 Am. J. Epidemiology
  • FACT: “Schools exposed to high levels of aircraft noise are not health educational environments.” 6/4/2005 Lancet
  • FACT: “Effects are reported on annoyance and quality of life, motivation and helplessness, stress responses as indexed by neuroendocrine tests and blood pressure measurements. In terms of cognitive performance, effects are reported on reading, attention and long-term and working memory.” -Jun 2003 Noise Health


Real Estate Values

  • FACT: The decline in high end markets due to the advent of noise ranges from 3.3% to 22.5%. On a typical $2 million home that would be a $66,000 to $450,000 loss. 7/2001 The Appraisal Journal
  • FACT: Research shows that a sizable portion of the population will not buy or rent in a flight path. Even home buyers not bothered by the noise themselves will be leery of purchases that might lose value later. 7/2001 The Appraisal Journal
  • FACT: A recent real estate ad for a property in the flight path used the terms “serene rural setting.” This description is no longer the truth. Realtors need to be cautious and accurate in in describing properties to avoid litigation later.
  • FACT: Homeowners – long complacent about our consistently escalating property values – need to be prepared to disclose the noise problem when welling a home and understand there will be fewer interested buyers.


What You Can Do

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